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10 Movies That Really Should Not Have Been Rated 18+

by on June 25, 2014

In a time where political correctness and fear of affecting the young minds rule almost all the arts, the movie industry is trying to fit this new attitude into their rating and, because of it, many movies that should actually be rated PG-13 end up being rated R. We can all agree that children should be kept safe from movie such as The Antichrist or In the Realm of the Senses but giving the Matrix an R rating isn’t it a bit of an exaggeration? Let’s take a look at 10 movies that really should not have been rated 18+:

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Deuce Bigalow


Did you know that this silly comedy was R rated? Apparently the sexual content and bad language is what made the board give this rating, and also the use of crude humor. The comedy was given this ridiculous rating in a lot of countries, such as Peru, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, USA, Ireland and many others. While we can agree that small children should not be watching this movie, giving it a rating of 18+ is definitely an exaggeration.

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While we do think that children should be protected from violent, sexual or bad language scenes in movies, some of the R ratings are highly exaggerated and no movie, good or bad, should be subject to this kind of bad judgment.

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