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America (2014) Preview – Is It the America You Desire?

by on June 25, 2014

This movie aims at shading light on America as a country. Other than the action-filled movies that portray America as a country at war with alien nationalities, they are cutting down on the fiction. You will get to know and understand the perception of both nationals and foreigners concerning the country.


For those people who love to listen to get the drift of the storyline, this is ideal for you. The movie gets to highlight the changes that are occurring in the country and tries to analyze the reasoning behind it. This movie brings out the criticisms that you will not believe. Political views are part of the movie and you cannot hesitate to watch out for this movie.

According to a Hollywood producer, the movie will include the re-creation of some of the most memorable events in the history of the country. It is amazing what patriotism, does, and the extent to which people are willing t go to expose anti-patriotism.


One individual seeks to air the disrespect, theft and plunder in the country. His target is not the ordinary citizen. He is targeting the power in the country. In this, he looks at critically analyzing the political icons that are using the country as their playground.

The release of the movie is just around the corner and every person who has had D’Souza speak is eager to listen to him the more. This movie is bound to stir up and raise some dust. Then again, what would it gain not to? It takes a lot of courage to release a documentary such as this and it is with everyone’s surprise that he is going to release a documentary criticizing the high-ranking personnel in the state of America.


Maybe it is true that power is not easy to hold on to unless you are very strong. This movie is one of a kind and many are awaiting its release. Not to see two large icons bring each other down as they air their opinions but also to understand the background of the movie and the persons involved.

Though it is about America, the main character is not born in the country. The scenery is a little out of the ordinary but this adds some spice to the movie. Watch out for its release and watch as America changes in an undesirable manner.

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