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Earth to Echo (2014) Preview: Humanity Meets Alienism

by on June 25, 2014

Earth to echo is a movie that tries to bring together the aspect of humanity and alien masses into one field. Unlike your ordinary alien attacks, it is going to focus on a rather peaceful venture. It will not include the army or marine and the grownups in this movie do not play a major role. This makes it unique. It is also the reason you need to watch the complete movie, as you need to know why the different approach.


This said, this move is featuring number of kids who are trying to communicate with an alien. From what you gather from the trailer, three friends are trying to capture the last of their days together before they move. Right before their families move, they end up getting into an adventure. It is at this point that the movie provides a twist to the whole scene. What starts as a simple friendship turns to a scenario that joins earth to other worlds. They mark the last day of their union with adventure.

The boys play their roles just as you would expect. They provide you with good acting with each taking on his character. The graphics are good. Considering that they have to incorporate an alien scenario and an earthly one too, this focus is outstanding.


The trailer provides you with more than one reason to watch this movie. The storyline is outstanding and the scenes link to give you a great flow of activities. According to the trailer, the movie looks and feels real. The pictures that the producers and movie fanatics, the sources have a way of captivating you.

If you are a person that loves adventure and everything it stands for, then this is the ideal movie for you. The fun part about adventure is that it leaves you in the dark and you get tit bits of information in progress. Just as you raise your curiosity by watching the trailer, then complete it by watching the complete movie.


This is one of those storylines that you read and go like “no one is going to believe this” but you find it in yourself to keep reading. The plot is fascinating and so is the choice of scenery. The official trailer for this movie sells it all. Ensure that you watch this movie to completion and share the adventure.

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