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Interstellar Preview – Global Cause over Personal Cause

by on June 2, 2014

Interstellar is predicted to be yet another masterpiece of Christopher Nolan. The prime crisis issue that would be encompassed by this movie would be of the effect of catastrophes on the agricultural infrastructure. Viewers can expect a series of well-pictured massive dust storms and fire fields in this movie. The global aspect of this issue would be out forth through this movie. Kip Thorne – the main lead of this movie would be laying the foundation stone of the use of wormholes for reversing the effect of catastrophes. The unique look of the wormhole would present the characters in submerged forms.


The first look of the trailer suggests that the cryogenic preservation units of the wormhole would look more like plastic sleeping bags. The characters stay in an unanimated mode inside the cryogenic preservation units. Yet another designing wonder to look out for is the layout of the spaceship. A fine art of storytelling has been portrayed through the description of the heroic seafaring of the main lead for reaching out to the expanses of science. John Lithgow is yet another prominent name that has got linked with this movie. He would probably be playing the role of Kip Thorne. John Lithgow is expected to be of a baby-sitting grandpa.


Michael Caine is one of the favourite stars of Christopher Nolan and it comes as no surprise that he would be cast in this movie too. Professor Kip Thorne is a real life character that has been enacted by Matthew McConaughey. Professor Kip Thorne is no alien to the students of astrophysics. His contribution to the science of gravitational physics is noteworthy. The real life lecture of professor Kip Thorne on wormholes would be used by the writer for forming the very base of this movie. Kip Thorne’s daughter Murphy would be played by two different actresses. It is believed that they would be presenting the look of Murphy in the present and in the future.


Interstellar would be based on the journey of a man to deal with global crisis for securing the future of his family. The poster of this movie is very touchy. It shows Matthew McConaughey with tears in his eyes because he has just given a goodbye promise to his kid by giving assurance of his return. It would be a pleasure to watch out for a great sci-fi fiction that has been based in a rural background that has a closely knit community.

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