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Lovable Robots: 5 of the Greatest Robots on Film

by on June 28, 2014

Who doesn’t love a good robot movie? Throughout movie history, we have been introduced to a lot of great fictional robots, and whether they were villains or the good guys, they were loved by the public because of their uniqueness and due to the innovative minds that stood behind them. While there are a lot, and we do mean a lot of lovable robots in movies, we put together a list of five robots which you will definitely love, if you have not been yet introduced to them.

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Sonny – I, Robot


I, Robot is a 2004 dystopian science fiction movie inspired by Isaac Asimov’s short-story collection with the same name. As you already know if you are a fan of Asimov’s writings, his science fiction worlds are magical, surprising and innovative, and Sonny, the NS-5 modified robot in the film is definitely one of the greatest assets of the short-story collection and of the movie. Sonny’s uniqueness comes from the fact that he is aware of the Three Laws of Robotics but he can choose not to obey them, and is therefore capable of murder. While robots with a mind of their own scare us, it is always fun to see them in movies.

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Modern days offer and the wonderful new technologies used in the movie industry will surely offer us the chance to fall in love with new and exciting robots but the old ones, the pioneers of their kind will forever remain in the audience’s heart and movie collections.

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