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The Purge: Anarchy (2014) Preview – Meeting Point for Doom

by on June 26, 2014

This thriller movie aims at providing you with a reason to stay home this season. In addition, it has some action and horror in it. The flow of activity is quite fascinating as the characters come together despite their anonymity in the movie. The first set is a couple who are driving back home and their car runs out of fuel. Another member is one trying to get revenge for the death of his son and the last set is a mother and daughter who are running from assailants who destroyed his or her home. This group of five people meets as they all try to survive in the dark.


Considering that the movie is shot in the dark, the spook is rather fascinating. It is difficult to tell if there is anything coming in their direction. Each running from their own fear, the first thing that would come to mind is the thought that they would try to kill each other.


The individual responsible for makeup is outstanding. Everything seems and looks real. The blood, the facial despair, and the surrounding come together to give you that intense feeling. You will go numb just by watching the trailer. They are doing a good so far with the trailer and the plot summary. With these two aspects in consideration, you would be the first to buy your ticket the theatres.

Looking at the use of character, they definitely understand what you expect and deliver better than you can imagine. Hoping that the actual movie and the trailer have everything in common, this is a necessary watch. The trailer sells the movie one hundred per cent.

The storyline from the provided summary plot aims at defining the how desperate moments crowd your thinking. From the tit bits of the movie, it is best to watch the complete movie. You can grab your couch with every spooky session. The fun in this horror movie is that no one knows whom he or she is running from. This movie is like a maze that can only be closed by watching the complete movies.


It is not easy to tell hoe the turn of events will flow. The curiosity is the reason you will be at the front line as soon as the producers and directors release the movie. Satisfy your curiosity by watching the movie this summer.

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