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The Secret World of Children’s Movies: What You Did Not Know about Your Child’s Favorite Flicks

by on June 28, 2014

If you are a movie buff probably your children are too, they have favorite movies, characters and know pretty much everything them. But no matter how much you know, there are always little secrets that manage to stay hidden. We did some research about the movies you and your children love and found out some of those secrets. Here are the 10 most interesting unknown facts:

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Mickey and Friends Appear in The Little Mermaid


Disney is known for adding these kind of magical touches to the movies, which is why we struggled a little about which one to choose but the presence of Donald, Goofy and Mickey in The Little Mermaid. If you look closely, you will see the three friends in the left corner of the frame, the part when King Triton enters the palace riding on a clam. Pretty amazing, no? Are Mickey and his friends in fact mermaids or this was just another Disney stunt made to see if we are paying enough attention to their movies?

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What other secret you know about the movies that your children love?

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